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The Interview: Shane Huke

A little treat for you here with Shane Huke agreeing to a small interview for us, let's hope you enjoy it !
Shane played 36 games for the Daggers scoring 2 goals in his time at Victoria Road.
Shane in His Daggers Days

1. What teams have you played for before & after your spell with the Daggers?

Started my youth at Peterborough United before turning pro there. Had loan spells at Bedford town, Cambridge city, Heybridge Swifts before a permanent move to Dagenham and Redbridge. After Dagenham I signed for Australian A-League side Central Coast Mariners then later returning back to UK to sign for Rushden and Diamonds.

2. What do you miss most about your time with the Daggers?

The thing I miss most about the daggers is the team spirit and closeness of the lads there. Most of the squad I was with at Dagenham are now my close mates.

In action for Central Coast Mariners

3. You went to play in your native Australia, how good was that for you?

It was great experience. I got to play in the Asian Champions League against some of the best players in Asia. I got to travel to China, Japan and South Korea and compete Asia’s biggest competition.

4. What was your favourite game and your favourite goal in your time playing football?

My favourite game to this day is Dagenham away to Darlington. After going 2-0 down, and bringing it back to win 3-2 and then having that result keep us in league 2 was a fantastic day for me one that will never be forgotten.
My favourite goal well there’s not many to choose from but has to be daggers first away league win against Mansfield town when we won 1-0. Fozzie whipped it in from the right hand side and I scored with a diving header.

5. Who was you closest to at the Daggers ?

There’s a good 6-7 people who I was close with at Dagenham so that’s a tough question to answer.

6. . Do you still keep in touch with anyone from your time here ?

Yeah loads of em. There’s actually 11 of us from my time at daggers going for a meal next week.

Kawaski Frontale Stadium

7. What are the best & worst grounds you've played at ?

Best grounds gotta be Kawaski Frontale’s stadium. Played in front of I think it was 30’000 people. It was a great atmosphere and the Japanese fans were incredible.
Worst I’ve have to say Newport County’s ground. Always so cold and windy there.


8. What is your Daggers XI and why ?

Ed Thompson – Great shot stopper who was plagued with injury. He would have been a great keeper
Fozzie – You know what your gonna get with foz, hard work and nothing but blood, sweat and tears
Uddin – Great die hard defender, Fantastic round the dressing room
Huke – stick myself here just so I can play again with the lads
Sloma – Tuff between him and Scotty but Scotty’s always away with the fairies so Sloma pips it with his whip
Saunda – Tricky winger, hard to play against, Great delivery
Rainford Rocket – Hard worker, goal scorer, a proper captain!
Suvs – Energy of an 18 yr old, great feet both left and right
Dom Green – Tricky, quick, strong winger who could tear a right back to shreds
Benno – Proper goal scorer, right time right place, well deserved his move
Strevabayor – Great touch and worked so well up top with benno. Knows where the net is.

9. Is there any chance of you coming back to the Daggers in the future ?

I'd never turn down a return to the daggers no.

10. How good was it working with John Still & Terry Harris ?

Yeah good, stilly was serious in everything he done but he knew when to have a laugh. Harris knew ‘’How to really whip it’’

11. What team do you support ?

West ham

12. What are your top 3 songs ?

Tough question cant think right now.

13. Your only 25, but any plans for life after football ?

Yeah ive done my mortgage advisors qualification so hopefully one day I can move into that market and also maybe involved in football somehow.

14. Do you reckon there's any chance of playing for your native Australia in the future ??

I think that ship has sailed now but I wouldn’t mind being called up play would never turn it down.

15. If you could meet any five people, why would they be ??

Jimmy carr
Derren Brown
Jennifer Aniston
David Beckham
Muhammed Ali

A great Thanks to Hukey & I wish him all the best in the future !!

Shane Posing For his Rushden Team Profile

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