Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Daggers 4-1 Brentford, back to our best ?

Well what a great night it was at Victoria Road, with a four goal rout as I would put it over a sorry Brentford side, when the prophecy of Arnu (those from the forum won't understand) came true ! The Daggers finally made the most of their chances and made a team pay for the dominance, although seeing a Brentford fan lose his rag was the highlight of my night.

After thinking about the last few home results and the Bees last few away results I was cautiously optimistic walking down Victoria Road to the ground. Once I done the usual ritual of buying a £3 programme, golden goal and 50/50 ticket, for the second game in a row I was approached my a man with recorder, who was interviewing random fans round the ground, but I was gagging for a drink I happily declined him and went through the turnstiles.

On hearing the teams I was once again quite optimistic, a number of players coming in that were hungry to play, but I was slightly worried that without Green we may struggle, but how wrong I was ! The referee blew for the game to start and if I'm honest, Brentford had most of the ball in the first ten minutes, but like most teams, including ourselves, not making much of it. Then came a torrid five minutes for Femi, losing/missing the ball and hitting numerous misplaced passes, whilst I think he's come in and done a good job, McCrory should have the left back reigns handed to him in my opinion. He is much more experienced and has gone through a learning curve in the last few months, but don't get me wrong, Femi has done a overall good job there in the last 4 months. Then on 19 minutes came the first goal, a good move had just been snuffed out down the left and the ball came back to Femi, who put a decent low cross in, which Royce parried. As it hit his fingertips, there was Jon Nurse on hand to slot it into a basically empty net, as well as giving us the lead, this broke a very unhealthy record. This goal was the first time since we played Leyton Orient in September that we scored at the Marcus James Stand end, as the 1600 Daggers cheered we all sensed a sigh of relief.

The Daggers continued to press for the remainder of the half although the main scare came on about 35 minutes, a Bees players cut down the wing and swung a low ball in, a tap in for Brentford and an equaliser, surely ? No, of course not. That gallent 41 year old Welshman by the name of Tony Roberts, make a terrific save at the toes of the player and being kicked in the head in the process. This man is Mr Dagenham, always the joker, but such a professional, he kept our lead there and not for the first time this season ! As half time approached I tucked into my chips and my cup of tea, wary of what may come, whilst having a chuckle at Arsenal losing 1-0, not a good idea that, was it !

As we started the second half, Brentford once again started slightly the brighter, with a Grabban shot being blocked well by Ogogo, but then the Daggers onslaught began. Before I go into this, I have to mention the PA announcer, calling for any FA qualified referee around the ground to report to the dugouts, it had me laughing and it was a great moment. Then we had around about five corners all in quick succession, surely a Dagger was bound to score from one, but they didn't. Brentfords Karleigh Osborne did instead. Currie whipped a ball in that found it's way to the penalty spot, and Osborne, trying to header it over the bar, headed it into the back of his net, giving Bees keeper Simon Royce no chance. After these two goals, I was beginning to think maybe the Daggers tide had turned, maybe we were getting the luck we deserved. As the Daggers began to sit back slightly, they broke out. A great move done both channels, ended up with a ball from Femi, once again played into the middle of the box, smashed into the Brentford net, leaving Royce with not a hope in hell ! As Nurse and the others went off to celebrate I'm sure many fans thought that perhaps this escape is just possible, maybe we can do it, after all I and many others thought this all along.

Just as we were all settling back and from the cheering and celebrations, Jon Nurse hooked a ball from inside the by line in the penalty area back to Vincelot who was waiting on the edge of the six yard box, having beaten his marker. We all knew what came next, a well placed header right into the bottom corner of the goal. Dagenham & Redbridge 4-0 Brentford. Then a few minutes later, a sight that everyone wanted to see, Sam Saunders returning to Victoria Road, in place of Gary Alexander, he was given a largely warm reception, with some fans booing him. Chants of "Sammy Sammy Saunders" ringing round the ground did bring a smile to mine and his face too I'm sure. From then on, nothing much of note if I'm honest with you, a great roar came up when Jon Nurse went off, the fans appreciating his great contribution to the game with big Bas Savage coming on. Marvin Morgan was then given an opportunity to open his Daggers account, but blazed over from just about 8 yards. The only disappointment for me, Brentford scored with almost the last kick of the game Charlie MacDonald lashing one into the back of the Daggers net.

The referee Mr Hooper then finally blew his whistle, the Daggers had won at home for the first time since October and what a feeling, the 300 or so Bees fans slumped out of the ground as we cheered ferociously, that this may be the start of our climb out of the bottom 4. Due to this defeat Brentford boss Andy Scott may well have lost his job, but that's football I'm afraid.
One player that I feel deserves a special mention other than Nurse who was outstanding tonight, Damien Scannell.
He hasn't had the easiest of times here, but he played some great football tonight, always getting there to make the play and doing some terrific tackling and passing. If he keeps up performances like this, who says he can't challenge Danny Green ?

All in all, a great performance and a return to winning ways at Victoria Road.
Hope You Enjoyed My Views !!!

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  1. i knew you would all laugh when i asked for a referee