Monday, 24 January 2011

No Segregation, My View

The segregation argument rumbles on and whether it was a good idea to have no segregation against MK Dons at the weekend. Apart from a few idiots at the end who decided to try and have a fight with a few Dons supporters it all went relatively well I thought. I can assure you that they were just a few idiots, because unfortunately I came into close contact with one of them who thought it would be "a right laugh" to try and have a fight, the worst thing about this was he only looked about 13, what does this say about some young people, but that is for another blog. This of course is not the right action to take and we know that none of the regulars tried to start anything no matter how frustrated and disgruntled we all felt at that late winner.

As the PA announcer said several times on the day, the two clubs had been chosen because of their great disciplinary records with the fans, regarding fans being chucked out of games. All credit to MK Dons, I don't think they did anything wrong if I'm honest, they cheered when their team scored a vital winning goal, we'd do the same wouldn't we ?? Saying that I don't think the majority of our supporters did anything wrong, I'm sorry if I'm running over old ground here, but it was only the select few idiots that have slightly tarnished our reputation as a family and friendly club. The Football League Show reported that their were some ugly scenes, including coins being thrown and some pretty loutish behaviour, however this was reported in by an MK Dons fan, who I have to say aren't the most particularly liked club in the League and perhaps a little bit of exaggeration was used, concerning "the police holding back." Forgive me if I'm wrong and by all accounts i may well be, but I do not believe that the way that was described reflects on the whole on the day and the way the Dons fans were treated. They have to remember that we were NOT given a choice about this either, it was designated as that day and whether us or they liked it or not, there was nothing we could do.

Dagenham & Redbridge one of the friendlies clubs in the leagues I should think, after all, how many clubs would let opposition fans into their own part of the ground, the Daggers "territory" if you like. Personally I feel that they were treated extremely well by all involved apart from those few idiots. A great congratulations for the fans of our club, exchanging in some good banter, but I do understand where some fans are coming from when you say it's awkward. Most people do "chat" about other teams and the other fans can obviously not hear you, but when they can some people find it slightly harder being themselves and expressing the views you usually would on matchday. One of the main factors was that perhaps this was not the best day to pick a "non segregation" game. After all with tickets going as low as 99p for adults , you are bound to get a couple that come in absolutely off their head just looking for a fight, when there are innocent families there just looking for a good day out. I'm not saying these "non segregation days" are a bad idea, nor am i saying that tickets for 99p are a bad idea. I'm saying have both in a season, but not in the same game, because something was always bound to happen. Like a fellow blogger expressed earlier, Ricky B i believe it was, do non segregation against clubs we have a good bond with like Morecambe or a team of that ilk.
It may have only been a minor fight, but I'm sure some little kids were scared at the end, and because of those few people they may be afraid of coming back to the Daggers again.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my view.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Daggers vs MK Dons, The Report

Well then, hotly anticipated day as the Daggers have their annual "Daggers Against Racism" day, where tickets go as low as 25p for kids in the terrace and a range of different activities such as face painting, giving an all round good day out. To compliment this we received a visit from the local Mayor of Barking & Dagenham, Milton Keynes and a couple of councillors, with some media faces added into the bag as well. As we were informed by the PA system several times, there was no segregation for the first time since our Ryman League days, and this went down very well with both sets of supporters enjoying a bit of banter and sharing the chants. So as i settled into my seat with a burger in hand, watching the Pulse cheerleaders, maybe I was slightly too optimistic considering our recent home form and results against the Dons.

First Half
The First Half started fairly well, both sides pressed and made it a good contest, Morgan got free on one occasion and worked the keeper but that was one of the best chances. I felt the Daggers had the best of the chances, with Morgan showing some promise down the left and right several time, delivering the ball on numerous occasions, with Tomlin standing in the middle, but unfortunately there was always a Dons man there to intercept it. Green played well, getting several balls into the box, but once again being head away, Vincelot & Gain, two hard workers in the middle, constantly making the challenges and running the show for us. As I went down to get myself a coke with about 10 minutes left of the First Half, Morgan once again went down the wing but, the ball was cut out again.
So as the whistle went for half time and I sat down having a flick through the programme, once again looking forward to the second half.

Second Half
The Second half started in much the same way as the first really, the game was very end to end, with both sides having several chances to create an opening, but they both came to no avail. After a scramble in the box on about 58 minutes, the ball fell to Vincelot inside the "D" and he hit it on the volley, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I thought it was in, Martin, the Dons keeper looked helplessly as it went inches wide of the post. With about 30 minutes to go, MK Dons made a double sub, the most note worthy Sam Baldock, coming on for Daniel Powell. For the Daggers Medy Elito, who had a fairly anonymous game on the wing, came off for Jon Nurse, who received a great welcome from the 4400 people at Victoria Road. Nurse, his usual self looked lively and raring to go. The Daggers then had a double penalty shout, the MK goalkeeper took down Morgan in the box, and the referee just waved it away somehow, yet another time when we were denied what I feel was a stone wall penalty. The Daggers were still on the attack and the ball was out on the left wing when Femi was taken out by Jabo Ibehre, this was probably outside the box so the free kick was given, but from my view, I couldn't tell. Green, lined up the free kick and hit it low against the wall, the ball the bounced up and as Green went to jump, he apparently elbowed the MK Dons player. I didn't actually see the elbow, so I'm not commenting, but from Mr Pawsons body language we all feared the worst. He took his hand out of his pocket and brandished the red card to a dejected Green, who accepted his fate, took off his shirt and trudged of the pitch and down the tunnel of the Marcus James Stand. By this time I was fearing the worst, a man down and at 0-0 you would wouldn't you ? But no, suddenly the Daggers started playing better, but didn't fashion any chances of note.
As the PA stated there would be a minimum of 4 minutes added time, we all got our hopes up, thinking that we may win, so I made me way down from the stand to watch the game from near the burger bar. There seemed to be no danger, Carrington then decided to shoot, an easy save for Roberts you would think, the veteran of 41 can save these in his sleep. But no. As I saw the ball bounce off of Roberts & into the empty net, mine and the 3800 Daggers hearts all sunk. Everyone walked out of the ground, despondent in what had just happened, probably thinking, "same old story."
Daggers 0-1 MK Dons, our hoodoo continues.
But, it's football, it was a dreadful mistake, he should have saved it, but there's the flip side to the story, the possession and chances we had, we should have Killed the game off long before this point. Roberts is a great character and he will bounce back better than ever, I'm sure of it.

My Opinion, I still feel that we have what it takes to stay up, no matter how hard it might be, 7 points with 22 games left isn't the end of the world. What's our lesson, take our chances.

Next Up is Brentford on February 1st, another derby game, unless we appeal that Green sending off it may be an even tougher test.
Thank You For Reading, I'll Post My Player Ratings On A New Blog Later Tonight Or Tomorrow.