Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Daggers 1-1 Huddersfield: The Great Escape Is On

The Daggers claimed a great home point against promotion playing Huddersfield in one of the most entertaining games at Victoria Road in the last few seasons.

As always we start as I walk up Victoria Road, once again quietly confident of a result here, with Huddersfield having drawn their last two and us having won our last two at home, as reflected in my prediction. Walking into the car park we was approached by my old friends, the interviewers from winkball, who still don't get the fact that I do not wish to be interviewed, I just want to get into the poxy ground ! Through the turnstiles and paid for my chips and a coke, settling into my seat as "pulse" come out and dance, seemingly dropping a member every home game now, we're down to five ! The team news came over and hearing Jordan Rhodes on the bench was a real boost, but then hearing Femi was once again starting for us deflated me, considering his recent form has been poor and the Terriers were liable to tear him apart.

Dami Mc, Has Come Back !

The game started with Huddersfield having the first "attack" that didn't come to anything. Then about two minutes in, possibly the most controversial incident of the game; Danny Green swung a ball in, Vincelot got a firm header on it, but it cannoned off of a Huddersfield plays hand. This was the most blatant penalty I have seen out of the what seems like hundreds that haven't been given against us this season, but it went out for a corner instead, to the disgrace of the home fans. For the next ten minutes each side had equal shares of possession and equal chances, Tony Roberts making a fantastic save to deny a town player and Mark Arbers header going just over the bar. A corner came in from Huddersfield which was cleared to the the edge of the Dag & Red "D" Scott Doe went to challenge and got absolutely kyboshed by a Huddersfield player, laid out flat on the deck. A terrible foul, made worse by the fact he didn't get the ball, what looked a nasty injury at first turned out to be not so bad and Doe continued to play on like the Essex warrior he is. Just previous to this, former Everton striker Danny Cademarteri danced his way past about four Daggers players, only being denied at the last by an excellent Roberts save, who put it out for a corner. Just after, they scored, Tom Clarke netting from inside the Daggers 6 yard box with the aid of a deflection or so into the far corner of the net. Just before the next part was one of the strangest things I've seen at Victoria Road, a drop ball was given inside the Huddersfield 6 yard box, needless to say, nothing came of it. Then came possibly the biggest cheer of the night, the out of form Femi substituted to the delight of the 1700 or so Daggers, replaced by fans favourite Damien McCrory who got a fantastic reception and dually had a great game. Just after Danny Green had a shot from outside of the area, that just went wide of the target, then a barage of free kicks for both teams as the first half peetered out; the last parts of the action were shots from Savage & Cademarteri that were both blocked.  The best thing about the first half ? When the lino gave offside and an old bloke in the Carling Stand shouted, "make sure you give it next time or I'll stick that flag up your arse sideways." Only at Dagenham, only at Dagenham.

The referee blew for half time with myself quite confident of the second half, with the Daggers showing more than enough to warrant a point out of the game and possibly even more. The half times were read out and results were going our way with Tranmere & Plymouth both losing. Then it was 50/50 time, first three numbers were correct, we just needed the last one, and yes you guessed it, I didn't get it. It was 3 numbers off, ahh well, at least Spurs were losing to the announcers displeasure. As i took a sip of my tea, which you could probably stand a spoon up in Huddersfield emerged from the tunnel under the MJ stand, later followed by the Daggers who took plenty of time.

Green scored the Penalty

A comical start to the second half, with the Daggers having to kick off three times due to Huddersfield players running towards the ball before it was even kicked, cue ironical crowd cheers. The Daggers were fired up, spurred on by a half time team talk seemingly. We came out all guns blazing with Green delivering some fantastic balls into the box. The best actually came from Nurse i believe, who whipped one in right on the 6 yard box, but to our disbelief no one could get on the end of it, Vincelot chased it and ended up in the wall by the sieve. The Daggers onslaught continued with numerous shots and crosses, but to no avail. On 53 minutes, Huddersfield had thought they'd doubled their lead, a good ball through was latched onto by Gary Roberts, whose left footed shot smashed off the post and was cleared by Mark Arber. Straight up the other end, Solomon Taiwo had a fierce shot from outside of the area, that went wide. Then came the moment. After such a long time it seemed, the Daggers won a penalty at home. A ball was swung in, then hit Lee Peltier on the hand and the linesman put his flag up. PENALTY. Despite continued protests by the terriers players, Green put the ball on the spot and hammered in an unstoppable penalty, straight down the middle of the goal that lifted the roof off of Victoria Road. The Daggers continued to press for the next 10-15 minutes, with Vincelot, Nurse & Green all coming close for the Daggers, Vincelot firing in, but missing. Then came a double sub, Dagenham lad Afobe on for Cademarteri and Marvin Morgan on for Bas Savage for us. Then another onslaught of corners from the Daggers, with Mark Arber close to turning one in after a swivel and shot that went over the bar. Jordan Rhodes came on for Huddersfield as they had a corner which was cleared to safety, the Daggers then went up the other end and got a corner of their own which came to nothing.  Then an amazing bit of play from the Daggers, Ogogo playing the ball foward to Currie, who took a sublime touch and completely mugged off a terriers player, only for the cross to go straight down Ian Bennetts throat. Before I go on, I think this proves that Currie & Green can play in the same team, they combined well tonight and I would definately like to see more of it in the future at home anyways. Back to the action, a ball swung in by the Terriers, which Jordan Rhodes got his head to, what looked like an unstoppable header into the back of the net was superbly tipped over by veteran Roberts who saved the day once again. My heart was in my throat by this point.

The last five minutes were a joy to watch, if not extremely nerve racking. A Daggers corner was cleared away upfield with Huddersfield looking good money to score, but step forward Solomon Taiwo who took one for the team, with Huddersfield racing away he committed a very smart foul, tackling the player with no intention of getting the ball, but getting a yellow card. If it weren't for him there, I doubt the scores would have stayed the same. The free kick led to a Huddersfield corner, which was once again whipped in delightfully, but didn't find it's way into the net from a scramble in the box. The ball went upfield for the last time, towards the Carling Stand Marvin Morgan got a free kick for having his shirt pulled. This was last chance saloon for the Daggers. The ball was swung in by Green and about five players went for the ball at the far post, as it was booted upwards it hit the bar, the last action of the game. How unlucky that was, was incredible, but at the end of the day, it was a deserved share of the spoils against a very good Huddersfield team, that won't particularly enjoy the trip up to Yorkshire, then again not many teams do from that part when we play them down here. Final Score, Dagenham & Redbridge 1-1 Huddersfield Town

Robbo once again in fine form.

The result was a fair indication of the game, with that being one of the most entertaining games at Victoria Road that I've seen in years. Both sides had chances to win and this result will benefit the Daggers more than the Terriers. The Daggers are now 2 points from safety and still with three games in hand on some teams, it looks increasingly possible that we can do the great escape and prove everyone, including some of our own fans wrong. With Tony Roberts continuing to be in stunning form recently this result will have spurred the lads on considerably. My man of the match is once again Roberts, although i thought Green had an exceptional game tonight.

Ratings: Roberts 9, Doe 8, Arber 7, Femi 5, Ogogo 7, Vincelot 7, Green 8, Currie 7, Taiwo 7, Nurse 8, Savage 6. Subs: McCrory 7, Morgan 6.
Attendance: 2336

Next Up: Daggers vs AFC Bournemouth on Saturday.

Come On You Daggers. I Believe !!!!


  1. " but it went out for a corner instead, to the disgrace of the home fans."

    Do you mean "but it went out for a corner instead, to the DISGUST of the home fans."?

  2. Well done nick that's exactly how I saw it tonight thought green was very exciting to watch with currie giving the confidence to play football ,he has been a great influence in greens game,great performance well done

  3. Your clock's wrong. Typical Dagenham - nothing ever works on time!

  4. This clocks weird on here, it wont let me change it ohh well, who do you support then ?

  5. You need to change it in settings to gmt time then it will work okay. Oh bybthe way good read

  6. Great article, also great to see my nephew, Damien McCrory, get back into the side....thanks for the post....

    An Irish Daggers fan,,,,,,

  7. You have far far far to much time on your hands! Get a life. Your a kid.

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