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Daggers In Focus, Chris Moore

As part of a new feature I'm rolling out, I'll be interviewing various people connected with the club from both the past, and the present. The first man up is someone who a lot of us know very well from his two stints at Victoria Road, it's none other than Chrissy Moore!

1) I think I’m right in saying you’re currently playing for Uxbridge in the Evo Stik League Southern – Division One Central; how are they doing and how are you finding it?
CM : It's a fantastic club with some fantastic people, from the board down to the tea lady, they all work so hard and are all still there from when I was originally at the club, similar to the Daggers really. Furthermore its where it all started for me back in 97, making my senior debut. Its been going really well, I signed at the start of the season, but only played a handful of games because I twisted my knee playing squash in August, due to that and a few personal issues, I have only just started playing again in the last couple of weeks. We are doing well currently, just outside the play-off positions and hoping to push on at the tail end of the season. The fact the manager is Tony Choules who was manager of Northwood at the time the Daggers signed me is also a great help.

2) Do you keep in touch with any of your old team mates?
CM: Yes, I keep in touch with Anwar Uddin regulary on the phone. I also keep in contact with Sam Saunders, Danny Foster, Glen Southam, Tony Roberts, Mark Janney, Ben Strevens, Sam Sloma, Ed Thompson, CMS, Dave Rainford, Shane Blackett & the Piper Brothers.

3) During your time in football, who had the biggest influence on you?
CM: I can't say that anyone person has had a direct influence really. All of my former managers I suppose (barring a couple), have been at the other end of the phone for advice when I've needed them

4) A question that has been asked a lot is, If you could go back and do it all again, would you have chosen to stay with the Daggers at the end of your first spell with us, moreover what persuaded you to move to Brentford?
CM: The situation was in the summer when i had a year left on my contract. There was talk of interest from Hull City & Cardiff City etc, and it made me think, ''I want a crack at the league.'' I sat down with John Still and I was always open and told him this. We spoke about a new contract a couple of times, but I was really set on the idea of playing in the league. John understood I was 25/26 and wasn't going get many more oppotunities, so I played the last year of my contract out. This wasn't ideal as I would have liked the club to get something for me as they had been good to me.
I remember Kettering in the January before the season was up, offering a token amount and extortionate wages for a few months to help them get promotion to the conference, but money has never been my motivator, so I said no. I kept in touch with John over the summer to keep him updated, during this time I met a few other clubs; Torquay, Bristol Rovers, Gillingham, Southend United for example. Then Leroy Rosenior phoned and told me he wanted me at Brentford, he then told me his Chief scout had a chat with John, moreover he asked if I could I go to meet him at the ground. They had just missed out on promotion to the Championship at the time and are a fantastic club, so it was a good move for me. However if the Daggers were in the league at the time, I would never have left.

5) Do you regret the way your career has gone since your 2nd stint with us?
CM: Erm Probably. I kind of went into a sulk if you like, leaving the club at the end of the season not playing as regulary as I would have liked. I'd also become a father during my 2nd spell, and understandbly wanted to just spend some time with my family. Then Jeff King phoned and spoke of his plans with Chelmsford City. It seemed perfect as it was part time, furthermore it allowed me to spend precious time with my daughter, as well as being able to play football. In Hindsight, I should have stayed full-time for as long as possible.

6) Looking back now, do you regret not becoming a consistent League Two player?
CM: My 2nd spell at the Daggers was littered with injuries and illness, so I never felt i did myself justice. But yes I do.

7) Who was your favourite strike partner in your time here, any particular reason why?
CM: All for different things. CMS, as he did all my running and we seemed to work so well together. Benno as you knew he was going to score in every game. I also enjoyed playing with Strevs, although we could never play together (apparently) (This was said in a somewhat sarcastic tone by Chrissy.)

8) Chris got sent this by someone on Twitter this afternoon and felt obliged to give an answer. What happened in your time at Brentford?
CM: I had quite a rough time at Brentford. I went from scoring in my first two games with the team playing well, to hitting a wall after 6 or 7 matches; during this period we couldn't buy a win. Rosenior eventually got the sack and the new manager (Scott Fitzgerald), told me if I kept playing as like I did in Roseniors last game, then I would be in his side, but sitting in the stands! I was then told by the club that they had received offers from two Conference sides (Grays & Exeter), for my services. I said that I wanted to stay and fight for my place, only to be sent to train with the youth team for refusing to leave!! I made a couple appearances after that due to injuries, however it my confidence massively. As soon as John Still phoned and asked me to come back, I was back at Victoria Road the next day.

Gary Hill & Terry Harris
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9)You played under John Still & Gary Hill, where there any major similarities or difference between the two as managers?  
CM: John is very hands on and along with Terry Harris, would be at every training session. However Gary wasnt always at training, but was fantastic in the dressing room. I owe him a lot for taking a gamble on me.

10) You’ve played 139 matches in your two stints combined, but what was your favourite match & favourite memory?
CM: Aldershot at home when we clinched the Conference championship sticks out as a memory. As for favourite match, Stevenage away when I scored on my full debut, plus Shrewsbury at home which ended 5-1, when I scored 2 goals.

11) Can you tell us a story from the dressing room that no one will have heard before?
CM: I once filled Shane Blackett's bag with live crickets, locusts and all sorts of other bugs from the pet shop once as a practical joke. There was also the time when I put a huge African snail in Sam Saunders car, along with some Spinach to munch on. I can honestly say I've never seen two grown men so scared in all my life.

12) What do you think of the current squad and can you pick out anyone in particular that you think will go far?
CM: To be honest, apart from Arbs, Gainy, Nursey, Hogan and Tomlin who I played with at Brentford; I dont know too much as I haven't been able to get to any games. I've played against Josh Scott a few times and hes a good player, hopefully he can stay injury free and fire the Daggers to safety.

13) What's the favourite goal you've ever scored in a Daggers shirt, describe it as best you can.
CM: My debut goal against Stevenage springs to mind. Shippy took a shot, the keeper palmed it out and I volleyed it in with......MY RIGHT FOOT!!! But my all time favourite has to be my 2nd at home to Shrewsbury. I got the ball near the half way line, went round two or three players before smashing the ball into the corner from the edge of the box.

14)Who was the best character you came across in the Daggers dressing room and why?
CM: No individual, just that whole squad during that championship winning season. I doubt that character and spirit has ever been matched anywhere, they were special times.

15) Do you have any coaching badges, or do you plan to go into coaching at any point?
CM: I'm in the process of getting them sorted, at some point in the near future I'd love to coach at an acaedmy or something like that.

16) Finally, during your time in football, who had the biggest influence and who inspired you to become a footballer?
CM: Both my parents really. They have brought up six of us, including triplets. However, they were always there to support me during the early years of my career, and regulary came to my games.

To Quote John Still...

Thanks for taking part and are there any last words you’d like to leave the Daggers supporters on?
CM: Probably good to end this with one of Stillys favourite sayings, ''NEVER TOO HIGH NEVER TOO LOW.'' Win together, lose together.  I had the best years of my life so far at the Daggers, due to the fantastic support you gave me and the boys during my time there. It's something I will never forget, not to mention that I have made some friends for life; for that I thank you... oh and KEEP THE FAITH, THE DAGGERS ARE STAYING UP!!

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Next up where this Blog is concerned, is my match report from AFC Wimbledon at the weekend. Until then, have a good week.


  1. Very good nick.Be interesting to see an interview with Stuart Lewis and why he left.Also Will Antwi and how he's getting on since leaving us.

  2. Will try and get a range of characters to participate, some are harder to contact than others I'm afraid!

  3. Enjoyed reading that, some insightful comments. Thanks.