Sunday, 6 November 2011

Daggers 0-2 Shrewsbury, Same Again

At least we're still above Barnet. That's the only positive I can really take from todays game as Dagenham & Redbridge lost 2-0 against ten man Shrewsbury Town. That extends several unwanted runs that we now have, and these are:
  • We're on a run of 7 straight defeats.
  • We've lost 11 out of the last 12 in the league.
  • We've conceded a penalty in the last 5 matches; 7 given away overall in the league.
  • Scott Doe has been sent off for the second game in succession.
I simply don't know where we go from here. The team news was puzzling, on the basis that I didn't quite know how to take it. On one hand we weren't helped by the absence of Mark Arber, Gavin Tomlin & Phil Walsh through injury. Whilst on the other, Femi, Dom Green, Medy Elito & Jake Reed were all back fit. We were helped by the news that our old flame Marvin Morgan was unavailable due to suspension. Both frustrating and promising in equal length; we couldn't abuse him from the Sieve, but he couldn't score against us. One that evened itself out slightly in our favour. James Wallace, an England Under 20 player came in for the Shrews on loan from Everton.

Dagenham & Redbridge team: Lewington, McCrory, Doe, Femi, Rose, Elito, Ogogo, Gain, DJ Green, Nurse, Woodall. Subs: Shea, Scannell, Bingham, Green, Reed.
The Daggers started with Richard Rose at right back with Abu Ogogo pushed on to partner Peter Gain in central midfield. This meant Femi would partner Scott Doe in the absence of Mark Arber, whilst DJ Green came in for Gavin Tomlin.

Shrewsbury Town Team: Neal, Grandison, Jacobson, Sharps, Cansdell-Sherriff, McAllister, Wright, Richards, Ainsworth, Wallace, Gornell. Subs: Smith, Goldson, Taylor, Collins, Bradshaw.
Nicky Wroe picked up an injury against Wimbledon last week and was replaced by debutant James Wallace signed from Everton on loan in midweek. With Marvin Morgan unavailable, local boy from Harlow, Matthew Richards started up front.

Shrewsbury were out of the blocks first, a ball was lumped up field by one of their back line which found the head of Richard Rose. Rosey thought he'd head it back towards Lewington which was a massive mistake, it didn't have enough power on it and before Lewy could make contact with the ball, Terry Gornell stole in to give the Shrews a 7th minute lead. Another individual error and one that Richard Rose I'm sure will hold his hand up to.

About ten minutes in came one of the talking points of the game. A poor backpass to Chris Neal saw Brian Woodall close down with superb effort. He did manage to get the ball off of the keeper before either slipping or being tugged down by Neal. The referee gave a corner so I'll assume that Mr Deadman saw that man between the sticks made a good recovery to retrieve the ball and prevent a near certain goal.

Jon Nurse was receiving a very rough ride from the Shrews players and on 25 minutes, Mr Deadman said no more! James Wallace, the debutant flew in on Nursey who went down in agony. Personally I thought it was a yellow card, but the referee saw it different and sent off the Everton loanee to somewhat boost Daggers spirits. For the first time in several weeks, I felt like we had a chance, a golden opportunity to really get something from the game.

And this is where me reporting on the game stops. Other than a couple of half chances we didn't threaten at all and it was effectively a horror show. That's now two weeks on the bounce, where we've had 4 shots overall and it's just not on. The only real chance I can remember for us was in the second half when Elito put a ball in from the right hand side and Nursey & Woodall got in a muddle; the opportunity passing them by to severe groans from three sides of Victoria Road.

Shrewsbury on the other hand, looked much more up for it; more spirited. I'd like to say their defence was resolute with our pressure, but at the end of the day, they didn't really have to deal with anything. In the second half they were the more dominant team really which says massive amounts about the game and our performance. Words fail to describe how I feel about it and that's probably the most telling phrase of all.

The final piece of action was at the death when Scott Doe "pushed" James Collins who went down somewhat theatrically and the referee gave a penalty. Collins picked himself up, brushed himself off and slotted home the resulting spot kick; doubling Graham Turners mens' lead and sending the Salop support home happy. Scott Doe also picked up a second booking for his troubles and was sent off; this means he'll miss the next two games; furthermore we've already got ourselves a defensive crisis and we're basically in shit street.

I really don't know where we go from here. Next week we have Bath City, it could be the most telling game of our season so far. Bath will come into it with no fear and no pressure being the lower ranked team, moreover we're under a bucket load of pressure and if we were to lose, then John Still is really under pressure. Whatever your thoughts on him at the moment, we all know if we don't get a result next week; John's going to be under severe scrutiny and pressure. There's already a divide in fans on the matter, some calling for his head and some (like myself) saying he deserves the chance to put it right.

Some are coming to the end of their tether, but he is one of the greatest managers in England if you ask me; and the people that want him out should look at the phrase; "you don't know what you've got until it's gone." Because I fear this will be the case if he jumps or is sacked. This is a very tough time for us all, but it has to improve somewhere doesn't it. As tough as it is, I urge you to keep going; for all the times the boys have impressed us and rewarded us, we need to reward them now with our encouragement and support.

The good news though, is that Femi played very well at centre half yesterday, as did Abu Ogogo in the central midfield role. However I can't help that feel Billy Bingham would have been more suited to it being a natural centre mid, John knows better than me though at the end of the day. Losing Scott Doe for another two games; along with the fact that Arber & Walsh may be unavailable for a while is a big blow. The sheer fact that we've picked up more injuries than points so far this season tells it's own story.

Shrewsbury looked very average yesterday, but I suppose that shows a good team. Being very average and still being able to win a game quite comfortably, so well done to them and I hope they have a good rest of the season.. I look forward (or not) to travelling to their ground for the penultimate game of the season, hopefully safe in the knowledge that we've secured our place in the Football League for another season.

At the end of the day readers who support Dagenham, you can make your own choice. My waffling has probably done nothing to influence you at all, but I hope that you don't stop supporting the team because of this run. They need us now more than ever and I'm certainly here for the long run and I hope you are too.

Next up is Bath City at home in the cup next Saturday or Bowers & Pitsea in the Essex Senior Cup on Tuesday night at Victoria Road.


  1. Fully agree with the fact John Still has to stay and at least be given a chance to retify the problems. At the end of the day Stilly has taken the club from non-league to league 1 and we only missed out on another season there by 1 point!! People are too quick to pull the trigger these days and condemn a manager. For all the good, you have to take the bad, and this is our worst patch for nearly 4 years. How we get out of it, that's another question? Something needs to change, because we can't keep playing the way we are, its relegation form by a country mile. The players, new and embedded need to man up and stand up, get stuck in, push up, put pressure on the opposition, shoot more often, and grind out a couple of old fashion dagger victories under the belt. But I do fear if this run continues into Dec/Jan we will be up shit street. The Daggers back in non-league, Jesus....

  2. Nice attempt Nick.

    My Im barred from free expression by internet cop and his grasses on the joke daggers forum....LOL!!

    Time has now come to change our manager and coaching staff.They haven't got a clue what they are doing.They even said it themselves "If we were at any other club we'd have been out weeks ago".We are going down,so what does it matter if we just try something new? We gave up last year relying on the clubs pathetic policy of not spending to improve.We are a joke 3 points from 36 or something like that.I want my money back,I can throw it down my own toilet thankyou very much.The players have lost heart and spirit and there are one or two that need to go somewhere else.It just seems the management are not learning anything from each dire performance.Every week they say "We'll watch the DVD" and "We are working hard in training"and then they serve us up the same monotonous predictable rubbish.When a team are down to 10 men you have to keep the ball on the floor,especially when their defence is all 6 foot plus (Sharps aint no dwarf is he).I was really glad Arber got dropped although saddened to hear its just an injury so we're gonna get more of the same from him too.What Still sees in Danny J Green I just dont know,dosent make tackles gets pushed off the ball easy and looks lost(Too much hanging around with clueless Tomlin).Nice to see Tomlin sidelined as he really is our worst player after Arber.Clumsy Doe.....please tell me why he's not clumsy ?The boys a liability and needs to get a transfer to Barnet in time for us to play them on Boxing Day. Man of the match????...Idiot of the match more like.At what point do we call it a day with Still and Harris?Losing to Bath City will be embarrassing wont it.

    John Still calling for us every week to be a be a dagger John and take your soppy brand of football to Barnet or somewhere else with out any ambition.Clearly you cant manage this lot.You are becoming a laughing stock with your ridiculous hoofball,if you cant beat Bath City in the cup you know what to do.I got some rope long enough for the pair of you.Lets see you in the sieve in the rain like you always say you'd be if you werent manager.Even your hardened devotees on the joke Daggers forum aint supporting you anymore.If you got any pride you'd get out.

    Positives.........Its hard isnt it but Gain,Abu,Lewy,McCrory all battled yesterday despite the hideous game plan of Mr Still.

    Smell the coffee,unless we get in 5 decent loans now we are done.Beg Will Antwi to come back replace and hopeless Doe.

    Arnu xxxxx

  3. I disagree. Surely if he was a manager at another club he would of been long gone weeks ago no matter what he has done in years past yes i mean the past. Presently he is lost in the moment and i cannot see him getting us out of this rut but for a miracle. We have always had an injury problem at this club and got through it so what next you ask.I think come next Sunday if we lose against Bath J S will walk away in shame knowing he has failed this season but we could win and meet Tottenham in the 3rd round. { That was a dream } i just had but lets wait and see.

  4. Another thing....

    There were 70 applicants for the vacant manager post at York city recently.Hardly a lack of available candidates.Bearing in mind we will be in the conf next year,get in there Dave Andrews.