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Daggers 0-0 Orient: New Faces

The Daggers played their first home friendly of the season today, a 0-0 draw against League One neighbours Leyton Orient. Around 930 people turned up at Victoria Road to witness the drab affair (it was expected in essence), but some new faces were on show for the Daggers.

If you aren't familiar with this Blog then I always start with my walk down to Victoria Road, which as you'd expect wasn't as congested as usual, everything came back to me at seeing our wonderful sign, what I'd missed all Summer and what we've got to look forward to for this season. Walking in I got my usual 50/50 ticket, golden goal and a cut price programme with yet another new look, but with all the usual features.

The wonder that is, The Sieve

Then a walk round to the Sieve, for those of you that aren't familiar with me, I used to be in the Carling Stand, but have been converted to a "siever." Having made the short walk across the ground I could see instantly what I'd missed, regardless if their was about 400 odd fans in there, the view, the banter and everything about it was fantastic. I walked round to my new tea bar where the usual burger and a tea was bought, they even pour in the milk for you! Always appreciate the little things in life. Me and my two companions by the name of Charlotte & Tom made our way over to resident smug git Lee Wilson & friend where we were joined by Paul Buckle (Billy Cove) and his group. A brief chat before hand about possible new players and stuff like that and we were ready to begin.

The first major part of the game happened before it had started, a game of spot the trialist, a number of new faces were on offer to us, James Shea from Arsenal, Sam Williams formerly of Yeovil Town & Luke Howell formerly of MK Dons & Lincoln City. At this point I probably should point out that Tony Roberts was not on the bench nor included in the programme squad, make of that what you will!

The teams came out dead on three, too not quite rapturous applause, but applause none the less! Orient had just returned from a pre season trip to Finland where they were unbeaten and the Daggers last game was a 2-0 defeat at Billericay Town, although that was a team made up of trialists & reserve players.

The Daggers players that started today were: Shea, Ogogo, Doe, Arber, McCrory, Elito, Howell, Bingham, Green, Williams & Tomlin. A moment of comedy for me when the bloke on the tannoy pronounced Shea's name as "Shear."

The first real action of the game was just under seven minutes in, a Daggers player was fouled outside the area which gave the first chance for a free kick, Damien McCrory stepped up and took it, flashing just wide of the goal at The Marcus James end. That was the only real goal mouth opportunity within the first twenty minutes, although I wasn't keeping a steady eye on the game, constantly having a chat all the way through as before mentioned. From what I did see, Medy Elito looked very sharp, always roastinbg his man down the right before putting in a couple of decent deliveries which Sam Williams couldn't quite get his head onto. Orient pressed forward slightly and delivered in a couple of crosses which didn't find Revell and consequently went for a goal kick. Orient nearly gained the lead half way into the first half when another cross by Cox I believe found Revell this time who could only glance his header past Shea's far post.

A few minutes later yet another cross was delivered in, once again it found Revell but Scott Doe gave him no time and shut him down extremely quickly. The king of pre season himself Gavin Tomlin played very well in the first half, his quick & nifty footwork bamboozling the Orient defenders, but unable to find a break through. On that note I feel Tomlin will be a good player for us this season, after all he played well for Torquay and if can replicate that form for us, then he will be a major player. Tomlin then had a chance, from outside the box he fired a shot that went high and wide and like himself, not so handsome, sorry Gavlar! Luke Howell was then given some freedom down the left after Elito had worked his magic once more, Howells shot dragging wide of the far post to effectively end the half. One minute of injury time went up to cries of "what have we done to deserve this" and if you cant tell by now, it was a boring game, but it was football, the reason we was all there! The Daggers ended the half on top as the half time whistle blew.

Half time was the usual, a drink and a continued chat, before listening to the music play list over half time, it really needs to be sorted out, but on the bright side, Pulse weren't there!

As the second half started, Orient had a chance, Jonathon Tehoue, nicknamed super sub by the Orient supporters cut the ball back to Revell who seemed to be involved in all attacking movements, but fired even higher than Tomlins shot into the Orient support. Orient gained a couple of corners which also came to nothing after they were headed over. All of this match information is generally pointless, so we'll get onto the players and how they played, however the mini scrap at the end between Josh Scott & an Orient defender was everyones highlight, cried of "Bottle Him" from the Sieve, don't you just love our supporters.

James Shea- Not much to say about him really, not tested at all, done well gathering the ball when called upon, however I'm sure theres more to come from him when needed.

Abu Ogogo- A solid pre season performance from Mr consistent, couldn't be faulted and got stuck in, although he had a bit of a squabble with Revell, go on Abu

Mark Arber- My man of the match today, if theres such a thing for pre season, got stuck in to every challenge and headed everything, firmly in control and once again proves why he is our captain.

Scott Doe- Like Arbs, got stuck in and headed everything, played well and just proves why I believe we have one of the best centre half pairings in the league.

Damien McCrory- Played well this afternoon, didn't get caught out and looks as though he'll be the one to take our free kicks this season, when shifted to left mid, he looked just a good with some good runs and a decent cross.

Medy Elito- He showed why John Still signed him, very lively and pacey, a brilliant player this afternoon who didn't give the Orient full back a moments rest when he had the ball.

Luke Howell- The former Lincoln City man played well, no mistakes, good passing everything you'd expect from a midfielder, doesn't mind to shoot either, someone I look forward to seeing more in friendlies and if we sign him, which I hope we do.

Billy Bingham- A good performance in the middle, the man is coming of age now for us and showed battling qualities and good determination, he will play a good part in this season.

Danny J Green- Danny didn't really get an opportunity to shine this afternoon, a couple of decent crosses, the ball wasn't delivered out to him enough, some good runs down the left.

Sam Williams- He looked sharp this afternoon, has good strength and can win headers unlike predecessors, didn't get a chance to shoot really and he is a contender for the best hair award if he signs this season. For those that didn't see him, he's also 6ft+.

Gavin Tomlin- The Pre season King, once more in his element, quick feet, "Twinkletoes Tomlin" caught the Orient defence out a couple of times with his sublime trickery and even mustered a couple of decent shots, another potentially key player this season.

Josh Scott- The biggest cheer of the day when he came on, looks as though he's lost weight, quite sharp and wasn't shy of a couple of shots, when he gets up to full fitness again, he will be a major player.

Brian Woodall- Another newbie who looked pretty decent, strong and had some good movement, I reckon he'll definitely be on the bench if not more this season.

Alex Osborn- My tip for this season, when he came on, he looked lively and up for it, he got off a couple of shots and is quite nifty because of his size, he will play a part in our season.

Femi- As you know, I'm not the biggest fan of Femi, but he played decent like the rest, a couple of good balls and some great tackles and his look when the Sieve started singing "his song" was classical.

That rounds off my first Blog of the season, I know it was a long one, but thanks for reading and we should be back after the West Ham game on Tuesday Night! Oh, and for the record, the Orient support was as dire as before.

The Sieve, what a place!

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