Friday, 22 April 2011

Daggers 0-1 Plymouth: Not So Good Friday

Dagenham & Redbridge lost out by a single goal to Peter Reid's Plymouth who still hold hope of completing the greatest of great escapes. A quick mention at the start must go to Plymouth's fantastic away following, despite the misfortune they've had this season, just over 800 of them turned up today and they have been fantastic all season considering the situation their club has been in. At this point I have to say i don't blame any Daggers for not reading on, because I definitely won't be.

Currie Started
 Starting off on the walk up to Victoria Road, I was feeling optimistic as per usual, considering Plymouths position that is a false one in truth, when you see a team below you, you expect a fairly decent performance, no disrespect intended to the pilgrims. Getting into the ground, the programmes outside were sold out and there were no golden goals left so i had to just settle for a 50/50. I then made my way to the ticket office, to purchase a couple of tickets for Huddersfield away on Easter Monday, at £8 a ticket, quite a good deal, although after today I'm not sure I want to go. However I got the tickets and made my way back and through the turnstiles where I picked up a burger and a coke and set away on demolishing that in record time. When the team was announced, I have to admit I was slightly surprised that Darren Currie had been chosen over Oliver Lee who looked a really good player in the couple of games I've seen him play. Currie works as more of an impact player for me, but John Still sees what goes on day in day out so maybe it was the right decision.

Credit to Argyles fans
 The teams came out of the tunnel and done the usual as you all know. What was great was seeing the sieve, it was packed to the rafters for this one and everyone looked up for it, full voice and all, you couldn't ask for more from our supporters. The referee blew his whistle to start and the usual lump down the left occurred and if my memory serves me correctly it went out for the obligatory throw in. No real attempts in side the first five minutes, just a lot of lumping it in the air and hoping which set the tone for the rest of the game in all honesty. The first shot on goal was from an unlikely source, the ball was headed out of the Argyle penalty area and it fell to Arber who's volley ended up going out for a throw in down the left to Plymouth. The pilgrims first opportunity of note was when a throw in was flapped at by Roberts and the header hit a Dagenham players head before getting cleared. A real warning to the long throw threat from Plymouth, much like we have. Peter Gain then had a half chance when a Danny Green free kick was headed away, instead of taking it straight on his right foot, he dribbled to the left to get it on his right before he hit a shot that was slightly too late before it hits a few bodies in the box which meant a few meek penalty claims from the Daggers fans.

Akinde Missed A Golden Chance

The game seemed as though it might just be coming to life at this point especially when Rory Pattersons shot when just wide of Roberts' post. Just over 20 minutes in came one of Plymouth's best chances of the half, the dangerous Bolasie went down the right, nutmegged Darren Currie before running into the box and pulling the ball back for one of three Plymouth players to strike. All of them missed it and it fell to a pilgrim on the edge of the box who's shot found it's way high, wide and not very handsome. Having not heeded that warning Plymouth had an even better chance to take the lead. A clever flick on let Bolasie through again, this time against Roberts and his scuffed shot was excellently saved by the Welshman who tipped it over for a corner. It was about another ten minutes before some more goal mouth action, with a Zubar header going high over Roberts' bar after some fairly poor marking. Just before the half time whistle some great play between Akinde & Nurse, saw Akinde go through, one on one with David Button, his shot was poor and fired straight at journeyman Button who saved with relative ease. Then came the half time whistle.

As the teams went in for half time the 50/50 was announced and as per usual, I wasn't a winner, but as long as we got a result I wouldn't care. The half times were then read out, none of which really concerned us, although Tranmere drawing maybe counts as one? After that I was left with the programme, after having a quick foray through, the Ted Hardy piece was brilliant in my opinion, a great man and a great interview. The other thing was the predictions in there with Lee Wilson, I wonder how many he got right. Then a quick nip down to hand a Huddersfield ticket over to Mr O'Sullivan and a walk to get a coke signalled the start of the second half, well that went quick!

Patterson for Plymouth
 Just a few minutes into the second half and Mark Arber gave a silly foul away for tugging his man back, around 7 yards out from the 18 yard box. As Patterson lined up the free kick the wall got in the place, the referee blew and Patterson struck it. The net rippled as Tony Roberts didn't get a strong enough hand to it and it scrambled cruelly into the back of the net. Three sides of Victoria Road were stunned into silence as the other erupted into rapturous applause and singing.

Just minutes later after we had kicked off once again Bolasie fired another shot only a couple of feet wide of Roberts post down the right after Femi didn't keep hold of him yet again. Then came a rare site, with the ball headed out of the Plymouth box, Femi was waiting on the edge to hit it, his strike nearly knocked out someone in Bury Road, show's why he's a defender. Then a brilliant bit of play from Dagenham, Green down the right played a wonderful ball through to Akinde who was rather slow off the mark and prodded his effort at Button who saved it. The ball came back out to green just inside the box who hammered it towards goal, the Spurs loanee made a desperate dive and blocked the ball amazingly to deny Green a certain goal. Another minute later Akinde's shot was well blocked before Ogogo had an effort that went just wide from outside of the box.

The pilgrims then made a change with half an hour or so to go, Simon Walton came off and was replaced by Luke Summerfield. Plymouth then staged a superb counter attack, Arnasons ball to Patterson on the edge, it looked like Doe was about to get to his man before pulling up with an injury, the shot was well saved by Robbo. This signalled a couple of minutes of treatment for Doe before coming off and I fear that his season may be over which is such a shame as he would have played a key part in the run in. He was replaced by Will Antwi, he will more than likely partner Mark Arber in the centre of defence for the remainder of the season. The corner comes to nothing for Argyle and the ball is cleared safely away. The Daggers then gained a corner and it was cleared, but Plymouth took that chance to break away at speed, a great run down the left was stopped when Ogogo got back superbly to tackle the winger and the ball found its way back to Roberts in the goal.

Danny J Green was a bright spark
in a poor game

John Still then made his first tactical change of the afternoon. John Akinde who looked slightly sluggish by no fault of his own was replaced by Danny J Green who came on to make his debut and I must say after seeing him in the Essex Senior Cup and a couple of friendlies he looks like a good player. His first touch won the Daggers a corner which he put in himself but it comes to no avail. Then we had two very good penalty appeals rather unsurprisingly turned down. The first of which was when Green was bundled to the ground, which wasn't given then just seconds later Nurse went to the floor and it also wasn't given. The frustration was growing now and with 10 minutes left it was becoming last chance saloon. Then as the home side were clearing, the ball was passed out to the debutant Green who's sublime little flick released Arber to put a cross in, the ball was low and just on the 6 yard box. Nurse missed it but was hauled to the floor, Victoria Road erupted into sound with penalty claims, the linesman put his flag up; for offside. No one could believe it, but the decision stood, should it not have been offside it may have been a different story. John Still then went all out, Femi was replaced by Bas Savage in the Daggers final change, as we reverted to a 3-5-2 formation.

Yannick Bolasie sprinted to latch on to a long ball over the top as almost all Daggers players were forward, he went into Roberts & Antwi in a three way pile up before the ball scrambled clear. Bolasie's effort that hit the bar was in vain anyways as Linington blew for the foul seconds before hand, Bollasie even got booked for his troubles. Back up the other end we went, Green's long throw fell to Vincelot who's effort was blocked, another cross in led to a corner. Green took the corner and the bounce down once again fell to Vincelot who's acrobatic effort was superbly blocked by a Plymouth player. Just minutes later, Patterson got himself sent off after leading with an elbow against Danny J Green after being previously booked in the first half. That was the last piece of action in truth, a late penalty appeal was once again turned down and as the ball went back to Roberts the referee blew the final whistle
Dagenham & Redbridge 0-1 Plymouth Argyle

Huddersfield On Easter Monday

Hearing some Dagenham & Redbridge fans booing at the final whistle really riled me, after what our team has done this season how they have the cheek to boo them is beyond me. Granted it was dire today, all up in the air no one really being composed and taking a strangle hold in the game, they gave it their all as they do every week, it was just the same story as before, enough chances but didn't take one of them. All I can really say is, it was a horrible game to watch and we have a mountain to climb if we want to stay up now. We have three tough games coming up starting with perhaps the most difficult of the lot on Easter Monday, away to Huddersfield Town, I'll be there and I urge anyone who can to be there. One thing that has been fantastic this season has been the support and we need that more than ever now. I could sit here and single out individuals this afternoon, but I won't, there will be enough of that on the forum tonight which I will more than likely be doing as well. The bright spark for me was Danny J Green, he looked energetic and full of enthusiasm, quite skillful and had a decent touch, he'll be a great player for us in the future, I'm sure of it.

I'm not going to do ratings tonight, as I feel they are rather pointless, they didn't perform well as a unit and they should all take part of the flack. My man of the match however would be Ogogo, made some great challenges and looked up to the battle.

As It Stands

Next Up: Huddersfield Town vs Dagenham & Redbridge. Easter Monday, 15:00 Kick Off

Last words, keep fighting and try to believe we can still do it.


  1. "Hearing some Dagenham & Redbridge fans booing at the final whistle really riled me, after what our team has done this season how they have the cheek to boo them is beyond me. Granted it was dire today, all up in the air no one really being composed and taking a strangle hold in the game, they gave it their all as they do every week, it was just the same story as before,"

    What did you expect?
    People spend their time and money and the team are dire.

    Fans care NOT about the past (the club does not have a past anyway)..Live for today!

    If a team has been dire (yet again) so the players are booed!


  2. i do agree wid harry but we have done remarkebly well this season and were favourites to get relegated at the start of the season and well you never knw but i still believe that dagenham can do it!